A Morning Moon

Waking up in an early morning.
Walks to the seaside,
Not knowing why.

The feeling,
The thought,
Has told me to come here.

In a morning light,
Standing at the seaside.
Wondering why am I here.
What is the purpose to come here?

What am I doing here?
Why am I here?
How am I even here?

All those questions marks,
Has yet no answer.

The seagulls' screams,
The splashing waves vibrating to my ears.

It indeed makes me feel peaceful.
Not for long...

I look up to the sky,
The bright sun that I could not look directly to it.
The opposite,
A clear moon beside it.

In such daylight,
Why did the moon appear?
Why is it here?

No ones know.

Such magnificent view,
I would like to keep inside of me.
I have nothing to hold this scene.

But instead,
I will just keep in my brain,
This memory,
Will never forget.

Standing here for a long time,
Dazing at here without doing anything.
At the next second,
I have come back to my conscious,
Ask myself again,

Why am I here at the first place?

And it is bac…

The Big World

Entering to this world.
I look tiny.

Everything here is bigger than me.
I feel so little.

My one big step,
Is only a small move here.
All I wish is to move forward.
However, everything here is just a hinder.
I'm getting no further from where I am.

A sudden attack.
It was an ant.
It keeps coming closer towards me.
I run.
It chases me.

There too much to run.
I am running out of stamina.
I have to find a way to escape it.

I look around,
Too hard to see.
Everything is too big to block my sight.

To a certain state,
The ant nowhere to be found.
It seems that I manage to escape away from it.

I am tired.
I need a rest.

Look a round to find a shelter.
All I see is just tall grasses.
there is a giant mushroom that I can rest.

I take it as a shelter
Sitting down there to think for next move.

Covering in the shadow,
Is cozy here,
It even protects me from sunlight and rain.

Hiding is not the way to escape.
Escape is not the way to deal with everything.
And yet,
It is the most comfort…

Starry Sky

It is a long long way to here.
A long way to climb to the highest place.
At last, I have come to view such astonishing night sky.

Thousands of star hanging in the sky.
I try to count.
But I can not.

It is too many.
Too much to count.

I made in time.
A time for the shooting stars.

I heard a myth.
A myth about wishes.
Whenever there is a shooting star appear.
Pray them.
Tell them your wishes.
And it will come true.

I wonder.
Wonder if it is true.

A shooting star has fallen.
I try to pray.
But missed.

I am depressed.

A flash of light has passed through.
I look at the sky again.
Another shooting star has fallen.
It follows another.

At that night,
I made a lot of wishes.

Hoping those wishes will come true.

Snowy Sky

I feel cold.
It's freezing here.

In a blink of an eye,
The dark blue sky is about to cover to the red pinkish sky.

Something has stopped me.
It is stopping me to move to another place.

What is it?
What is this white cold fluffy thing?

As I try to catch it,
it melts.
It turns to liquid.
What is this?

It is snow.

It feels so cold.

I stared at the sky.
Wonder where they come from.

They fall from the sky.
They fall from nowhere.

The breeze is unbearable.
I keep telling myself to move.


I do not wish to move.
I do not want to waste such scenery.
Such ambience.

I wish to stay here.
To keep viewing such scenery.


I can not...

I have to leave such place.

A Bloody Dream

I am standing in a bathroom filled with a bunch of unknown people. For some reason, I walked out from there. I speak to another person. It seems like she was my cousin. 
She walks me to a box. A box that filled with some creature. I open it.
A sudden, I stepped back as the creature tries to jump out of it. Looks like it was a cat. A weird cat with a longer body than the one we know.
I brought it to a field where people are playing soccer. The cat and I just start to play the ball. Kicking and fetching are all we were done. 
A scene has changed. Somehow, the cat and I were standing in a factory. A catastrophe happened. It was the cat, running into the factory got the workers mad. The workers seem wanted to kill the cat. They try to catch the cat but failed. 
However, at the end, the cat got caught. They were very happy and at the same time, they were very angry. A worker holds an axe, trying to chop down the cat. As the axe is close to the cat, something strange happens. 
The cat some…

Mokona Modoki

Mokona Modoki Doki Doki~

My all time favorite anime - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Ah~Ah~ I feel so old now. I miss the old days... Until now I still listen to their ost, tho.  It so emotional. Most of the time, for the unknown reason, I will cry by just listening to them. Weird huh. Anyway, their ost is the BEST!

A Galaxy Hoodie Girl

I am not satisfying on what I draw here. Many things were drawn wrong, imperfect lines.
Well, I am a lazy shit on doing practicing watercolor. For me, if I feel to do the thing, then I must do right now. Inspiration and the feeling to do are important to me. If the feels gone, follow the motivation. Things how it works on me. 
This is what I got when you are lazy and have no to little knowledge on watercolor. 
In soon or later gonna re-draw this again. 

A Dream That I Fell in love with The Enemy Boss

I enter to a world. A world full of Nothing but a maze.
This time, I'm Not alone. There we two group of people One is our, to find a way out And the other was a bad one which stops us from getting out.
At some point, we finally found a way to escape. But the boss of the group has created a weapon. A weapon which will kill us.
In the chasing and defense battle, we manage to survive. I, the one who grabbed the weapon and kill their members. Thus, I manage to protect my people to escape.
The boss finds out. I quickly rush to a place trying to dispose of the weapon. But I failed.
The boss has captured me. Wants me to surrender the weapon.
Then I started to exchange a deal. A deal which let my people escape and I will stay. The boss thinks for a minute and nodded his head. My people and the other has escaped.
It just left me with the boss. He kept me with him and not going to kill me. We wander

Caramel Pudding


A Watercolor Scenery

Trying to paint a scenery but it ends up something not what I expected.
Watercolor, you are hard to use. 
After watching some tutorial, I found that "gouache" maybe is what I need. The consistency of gouache is controllable than the watercolor, I guess.
Well, after I finish using watercolor, I think I may change to gouache to paint.

First Watercolor Painting

This is kinda embarrassing to post this. So sloppy and so elementary level.

Well,  I've been stopped "painting" since from high school. My painting tools had been donated to another person. Ever since i am so regretting to give away to another people just like that.

And now, I have to buy all the tools over again so that I can start "painting".

The desire to paint has it over me for so many months. Finally, bought my own tools and I am able to express my imagination through painting.

I think this can be considered as my first try as an adult?

There are still so many techniques to learn in order to paint my own desire picture. Hopefully to master those techniques as soon as possible, tho.